History of Shepparton Garage Doors

Rodney Senior has been selling garage doors as part of his steel broking business, Senior Steel, since 1995,
initially selling doors supplied by Creeks Metal Industries.

In 1999, he was approached by B&D Doors to become an agent for the company.
In June, 2006 he became an Accredited  B&D Dealer.

After becoming the Accredited B&D Door dealer, it was decided to expand the business and
Shepparton Garage Doors  was registered as a business name in March, 2011.

Being an Accredited Dealer for B&D Doors placed restrictions on the sale of other brands, and in 2019,
a business decision was made to become an independent  garage door dealer, which enabled the
business to also sell brands such as Steel-line Garage Doors, Gliderol Garage Doors, Centurion Garage Doors,
Stramit/Taurean Door Systems, and Eco Garage Doors, plus Merlin and Grifco openers.

Shepparton Garage Doors is a division of the Senior Steel Group, Rodney Senior Pty Ltd.
You can find all the information in regards to Shepparton Garage Doors in the
Shepparton Garage Doors section of this website.


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