Tips to Purchase a Garage Door

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a new, or replace your existing garage door.
There are just a few steps involved, and there’s always someone at Shepparton Garage Doors to give you advice, if you run into trouble.

1. Do some research, before your dealer turns up. There are a range of different types of garage doors, as well as different styles of openers and other accessories available. Not all doors will suit your garage or carport.  Your B&D Accredited Dealer will be able to advise you on this by discussing over the phone, at our showroom at 6 Provincial Crescent or once we are on site.

It is worth doing a little bit of your own research. To get you started, visit the ‘finding the ideal door’ section of the B&D website.

You need to consider:

  • What type of door do I like? Steel sectional like the Panelift, wood sectional like the Cedarpanel, Roll-A-Door, Design-A-Door, Flex-A-Door or a tilting door. For further explination on types of garage doors, visit the ‘finding the ideal door‘ section of the B&D website.
  • What opener will suit my home and lifestyle? If you have bedrooms near the garage, a shift worker in the home, or teenagers who come in at all hours, maybe you should consider a  Whisper Quiet opener. If you have a carport you can now automate that door as well, something that wasn’t previously possible. There are even openers that run from solar energy!
  • What about accessories? There are a range of different accessories available for your door and opener to make it more suitable to your lifestyle. Are you in a bushfire prone area? Consider Emb-A-Seals. Do you have latch-key kids? Consider an entry keypad. Do you have pets or small children who may run under a moving door? Consider a Safety Infra-red beam kit (Note – B&D recommend that Safety Infra-red beam kits are installed on all automated doors).
  • Is there any steelwork required to create a opening to enable for us to fit the door, ie Carports, driveway canopys.

2.  Work out whether your site is ready. Measure your opening size: Height & Width and take photos or you garage from the outside & inside. If you are building a new home you can provide us with your plan.

Phone our sales office on 03 58315411 and/or email us your details & photos to

We can then provide you a price estimation for budget purposes & answer any of your questions over the phone. By providing your street address, we can a view your property using google maps street view.

If you are building a new home it’s important to confirm the maximum opening size, based on the door we provided the estimation on. If your builder or bricklayer creates a larger opening (height or width), The price will increase as the door size falls into the next price range.

3.  If the price estimation is within your budget and you are ready to order, as a garage door dealer we will visit your home and measure up your door opening – then we can provide an accurate quote.

It is not recommended that you do your own measure up for your door for ordering purposes. Garage door dealers are trained to measure the opening, and know what allowances they need to make for tracks, wheels, etc before they finalise a door size.

For locations out of Shepparton, site measures are done as part of our weekly cycle

4.  Double check any comparison quotes. If you choose to get quotes from multiple dealers, and you notice a price difference between them, make sure you question them to be sure you are comparing apples with apples. If the quote only says B&D Statesman for example, is it a Panelift or a Panelift Icon door? While these are both B&D doors they have different features, and warranties, which mean they have different sell prices.

There are also differences in openers. One of the biggest differences is in the warranty. Ask the dealer – how many years is the warranty for? Is it on-site repair or back to base? Does the warranty cover the whole opener and installation, or is it only the motor?

5.  Enjoy your new door and opener once your door is installed – enjoy! Should you have any concerns after installation, please give us a call.

Please feel free to ring us on 03 5831 5411 or visit us at 6 Provincial Crescent or phone the B&D Contact Centre on 13 62 63.

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